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  • CHI Hair Irons are Exactly W best chi straightener for sale

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  • 投稿日:2013年 1月10日(木)17時47分10秒
This review is for both #316 & #316SE lip brushes. The only difference between the two is the original 316 has a lid and the 316SE is more stiff and its handle is olive and thinner (the cheap version of the original). I personally like the original 316 because it is more precise and covers a bit more coverage than the 316. As well, it’s portable and its bristles are smoother. The 316 SE on the other hand is more versatile, as I used it for concealer and for fluidline (different SE brushes for sanitary reasons). I would say both chi hair straightener lip brushes are the best that I have encountered so far.

chi hair straightener has a great selection of different professional brushes, however, the quality really varies and depends on WHICH brush you buy (I am NOT talking about the introductory brushes that you can get in a pack during summer or the holidays, but rather the full size ones). Sometimes even the brushes of the same kind/number will have slight differences in quality, especially the synthetic ones (the white hairs vary the most). Of course,chi straightener I know they’re handmade, but when some hairs are bent or kinked out of shape, or after washing them the hairs don’t keep their shape, you know there’s a problem. The best ones with consistent quality are their natural haired brushes imo.


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