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Stock footage is also a great tool in presentations

 投稿者:success  投稿日:2013年 3月 1日(金)10時38分1秒 softbank126015002237.bbtec.net
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  We’ve all seen the nodding off that can occasionally occur during PowerPoint presentations. Stock Footage can be used as backgrounds on your slides or put in as videos to show examples of what you are talking about. For instance, if you were using a sports analogy or a celebrity comparison to make a point in your presentation you could use one of these stock footage videos to make the association visible and, most likely, more engaging and memorable.

A final great purpose of stock footage is on web sites. You can use video or even music stock footage to enhance your pages while a visitor browses your site. A video clip on your web site is immediately engaging to a browser and is much easier to interact with compared to simply reading your text. If your site is selling vacations to Florida a stock footage video of Florida beaches and sunshine is much cheaper to use when promoting your vacations than creating your own film by taking a trip to Florida yourself, albeit not as fun.

Stock footage has been around for a while and is a fairly successful business simply because it makes so many tasks much, much easier. From building an engaging website to creating video promotions to making your own home video projects, stock footage enhances the creativity of a project. check out what Thought Equity has to offer if you’re looking for some great ideas and a large selection ofhttp://www.d3face.com/CD-Key/  royalty free stock footage.

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