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Re: Want Machikania Type M parts set

 投稿者:Jim Drew  投稿日:2020年 7月 4日(土)07時01分15秒 24-121-79-32.lkhvcmtk01.res.dyn.suddenlink.net
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> OK, I'll send you Gerbers of MachiKania type M.
> Please send me an email by clicking the "Mail Administrator" button at the bottom of this page.

Will do!

> MachiKania type M can output up to 384x216 dots and 256 colors.
> However, because it is a composite signal, it is not as clear as you would expect.

Yes, I understand how composite is.  I am looking for something that will output exactly 320x200 in 8 bit color, through composite.  Right now I am using a VLSI chip to do that, but I am thinking about using a higher end PIC32 to do that.  I was curious if you had done a 320x200 mode, which was common for early stand up video games.



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